Welcome to the Other Holland

Along a sparkling river, the river IJssel, described by many people as the most beautiful river of Holland, mediaeval cities lie as beautiful gems; hanseatic cities. The former mercantile towns are pleased to introduce you to all they have to offer in the field of history, culture, natural beauty and arts. And this is plenty. The glorious history of the Mediaeval Hanseatic League has amply left its tracks and transformed the cities into extremely alluring tourist attractions. Each of the cities knows its own charm: it is up to you to discover them and to get more closely acquainted with these charms.

Explore our unique National Parks. Areas of natural beauty. This combination of dry and wet landscapes are nowhere else to be found in the whole world. The Other Holland region, is known for its variety in and transportation over water. Experience our rich and royal past, with castles and country houses, gardens, nature, arts and culture, with famous ancient cultural heritage and modern exhibitions.

Zwolle, Dynamic Hansa Town

Welcome to Zwolle; a vibrant Hanseatic city that celebrates life in its historic city centre. Zwolle is a both modern and historic city with a rich and fascinating history especially throughout the late Middle Ages. The Hanseatic League’s warehouses and homes with grand façades point to the origin of our prosperity. Our museum The Fundatie is the architectural metaphor of the city’s contrast between old and rich. The museum offers you a famous vast collection and varying exhibitions the whole year through. Also the unique bookstore ‘Waanders in de Broeren,’ located in an historic church is a true must see. And of course, you must try to get a table at our Michelin 3-star restaurant The Librije (or at least buy something in the shop). Come and feel the Hanseatic energy in our dynamic city.

Visiting Tips

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Welcome to Zwolle!